Sunday, 18 August 2013


USB stands for: Universal Serial Bus
It is a portable device which is used to store data. it is available in different data storage capacity. The development of USB device began by a group of seven companies includes IBM, Intel, COMPAC, DEC, NEC and Microsoft. USB flash drive includes a flash drive with an integrated USB interface. it isused for same purpose such as data storage and data transfer from one computer to another lieother storage devices such as floppy disks and compact disks.
this device were invented by Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron Ogdan, all of these are of Israeli company M-Systems. it were invented in April 1999.
It has different uses like: Personal data transport, Application carriers, Computer forensics and law enforcement.

Unique designs of USB flash drive:

Fast food USB:
Jogger USB:

Sleepers USB:

Stethoscope USB for Doctors:

Glasses USB:

Heart USB:

Ghost USB:
Insect USB:

Robotic USB:

Cartoon  USB:

Mouse USB:


Tie USB for managers:

Syringe USB for Doctors:

Football USB for football lovers:
Building block USB : 

IPOd USB for Singers:

Car USB:

Wine USB:

Strawberry USB:

Shopping bag USB:

Camera USB for Photographer:

Lock shaped USB:

Bulb shaped USB for Electrical Engineers:

USB with Battery:

Nail cutter shaped USB:
Cartoon USB:

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