Sunday, 5 May 2013

Working principle of Induction motor

A Machine is a device which is used to change the level of energy.
e.g: Motors, generators and transformer..

The machine which converts electrical to mechanical energy is called as motor & which converts mechanical to electrical is called as generator.

AC motors & DC motors.
Induction motor is one of the type of AC motors.

In induction motor rotor does not receive any power from conduction but only by induction similar to transformer's secondary which receives power from primary that is why it is named as induction motor....

when 3 phase AC supply is given to the stator of machine then a rotating magnetic field is produced which rotates around the rotor at synchronous speed .
the rotating magnetic field passes through air gap and cuts the rotor conductors which are yet stationary due to relative speed between rotating magnetic field and stationary rotor emf is induced in the rotor conductor and as the rotor conductors are short circuited so current starts to flowing.
so mechanical force acts on the rotor conductor and torque is produced which rotates the rotor in the same direction as the rotating field.


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