Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pelamis Power Wave

This is one of the first facilities that convert effectively the power of the sea waves into electric power.
The device looks like a giant centipede floating on the water surface, and the more interesting here is that the project is already finished and running.
Richard Yemm is the founder of Pelamis Wave Power.
The Pelamis devices are 456 feet long,with a diameter of 12 feet nearly. these devices are made from 1.5 million pounds of carbon steel.
Bobbing up and down on the constant supply of waves in open sea, the devices convert this motion in to electricity.
Each of the converter has four articulated sections that moves up and down as waves pass along it.
Pelamis usually operates 2-10 km away from the shore and generates power of 750 kW, which is enough to supply electricity 500 households.


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