Thursday, 2 May 2013

Characteristics of STAR-STAR connection

  • In star-star connection, similar ends join together to form a neutral or star point.
  • If neutral is taken outside then the system will be three phase, 4 wire system.
  • In star-star connection line voltage is given by VL = VP√3.
  • In star-star connection line current and phase current are equal  IL = IP.
  • Line voltages are 120 degree apart.
  • Line voltages are 120 degree ahead w.r.t phase voltage.
  • Zero sequence current can be avoided due to neutral.
  • As phase voltage is less so less number of turns are required and hence less insulation is required.
  • Due to high currents winding must have large cross sectional area.
  • This connection is economical for high voltage transformers and is seldom used.


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